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In this micro biotic world of waves and particles everything breaks down into pure energy. It has been scientifically established that everything is made of vibrating energy fields including our bodies. Our cells, tissues and organs vibrate with energy. When we are healthy each cell in every part of our body is vibrating at its optimum frequency. Our immune system helps to protect us. It also eliminates tired, unhealthy and unwanted cells from our body. When our immune system is working efficiently and our energy field is clear and in balance we are well and healthy. However when sickness or disease sets in a particular area of the body, the cells are no longer working and vibrating at their normal healthy frequency and so the body may experiences illness.


A single session of BioEnergy healing may be an amazing experience for a client. Even better is to have a group of people who want to experience BioEnergy for themselves and would like to share a block session of 2 hours on four consecutive days/evenings. Whilst waiting for their one-to-one healing session clients, sit, relax, listen to music, meditate or simply enjoy the opportunity of taking quiet time to immerse themselves in a peaceful,calming and restorative atmosphere.

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